Overnight Oats - Assorted

Overnight Oats - Assorted

Enjoy a new flavour everyday with our pack of assorted overnight oats. The Miheso assorted box is a delightful surprise every morning. It is packed with the power of natural ingredients and includes delectable flavours like mixed berries, mango, chocolate and banana caramel.

This box contains 7 sachets of single servings for a new flavour everyday.

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Net Weight: 420g (60g X 7 single servings)

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  • Probiotics for Gut Health
  • Boosts Immunity
  • ~8g Protein per Serve
  • Rich source of Calcium and Fibre
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Enjoy It Anytime, Anywhere!

Wholesome breakfast
Post workout snack
An easy to carry meal
Perfect 4pm snack

How to prepare ?

  • Empty an individual
    pack in a jar/bowl
  • Add your milk
    of choice (150 ml)
  • Refrigerate overnight
    or for 7-8 hours

You can never go wrong
with your favourite toppings!

  • Empty the sachet
    in a bowl
  • Add 150 ml of
    piping hot milk
  • Mix and cover
    for 15-20 minutes

Enjoy your warm bowl of oats!

Indulge in


Ask away!

Cooking alters the nutrient content of the food and soaking the oats overnight provides 25% more nutrition than its cooked counterpart. Soaked oats also have increased resistant starch which helps in digestion, aids in weight loss, increases feeling of fullness and decreases insulin spikes. If you wish to read more about what makes Overnight Oats a better choice we have a whole blog post HERE

Yes, MiHeSo Overnight Oats are tested and certified gluten free.

We love our Overnight Oats chilled but you can totally have it warm as well. If you would like to have it warm, we suggest warming the overnight soaked oats or letting the oats come to room temperature after taking it out from the refrigerator.

If you forgot to soak the oats beforehand, you can prepare it hot by adding piping hot milk to the contents of the sachet and keeping it covered for 15-20 mins until softened.

Absolutely! You can use any milk of your choice to make these. However, we recommend using unsweetened milk as our Overnight Oats are already sweetened with jaggery.

Please don’t use water to make Overnight Oats. It will greatly affect the taste and overall experience. Think of it as eating cereal with water!

Our Overnight oats already contain all the ingredients you need to make it from scratch. It contains rolled oats, jaggery, almonds, raisins, flax seed, chia seed, pumpkin seed, basil seed, natural fruit powders and probiotics. Since we have already added these, it saves you the hassle of gathering all the ingredients. Just cut open a MiHeSo Overnight Oats pack, add milk and refrigerate. That’s it. Your breakfast is sorted for the next morning.

We recommend soaking overnight as it allows the oats, chia seeds, basil seeds, and raisins to hydrate well and soften the oats. But in the case when you forgot to soak overnight you can also make it immediately by adding piping hot milk to the contents of the sachet and keeping it covered for 15-20 mins until softened.

Yes, MiHeSo Overnight Oats are a great way to start your day full and energised. It comes in a pack of 7 single serve sachets to sort your breakfast and keep you going through the week.

You can definitely meal-prep and make your delicious overnight oats breakfast ahead. We recommend consuming prepared Overnight oats within 3 days for best taste.

Our Overnight Oats do not contain any refined sugar, but we have added jaggery for sweetness. We recommend you should consult your doctor if you need any expert advice in a medical condition before consumption.

Probiotics are the good bacteria naturally present in our gut which help the body to digest the food and fight infection by keeping the bad bacteria which makes us sick in check.

Eating a well-balanced diet rich in fiber every day helps to keep the number of good bacteria at proper levels. However, in our busy and hectic schedule, we usually skip on a balanced fiber rich breakfast meal.

Including Probiotic additionally as a part of our meal, is a great way to add good bacteria to our body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Kartik .
only mixed berries are best

only mixed berries are best and other flavour tastes like fake artificial flavour

Tastiest breakfast ever

Probably the tastiest and healthiest breakfast ever

Aro Daisy

Yummiest breakfast ever👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Aditi V
The flab

The various flavors are awesome., more flavors can be added

Bismi A

great concept but oats grained remained same way even after soaking overnight

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