Breakfast Bowl and Spoon Set

Breakfast Bowl and Spoon Set

Our eco-friendly breakfast bowl and spoon set is the perfect companion to your healthy MiHeSo Overnight Oats. The set, made from real coconuts, sustainably sourced and created into unique masterpieces by skilled artisans, truly elevates your breakfast experience, every morning. Your healthy overnight oats deserve to be enjoyed in our elegantly engraved, personalised and exclusive breakfast bowls and spoons!

What you get

Coconut shell bowl &
Wooden spoon

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Net Weight: 350ml to 400ml

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  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Zero Waste
  • Ethically Crafted
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made from Real Coconuts
  • Easy to Store

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Since the bowls are made from real coconuts, their properties such as colour, shape and longevity may depend on its usage and individual natural properties. We encourage you to appreciate what these bowls represent and how they are different from your everyday china.

Ask away!

We encourage you to use our exclusive breakfast bowl set made from natural coconut shells and coconut wood spoon for your everyday breakfast regimen. Healthy food in an eco-friendly and aesthetic bowl always gives a feeling of gratefulness and closeness to nature. Additionally, these bowls offer a simple way to help reduce waste by saving a resource which would otherwise have been wasted. These are completely natural, plastic free, BPA free, toxin free, vegan-friendly and sustainable to environment.

The MiHeSo Breakfast Bowl is made of natural coconut shells, hence the size and dimensions of the bowls may vary, from 350 to 450 ml. However, the bowl is big enough for a single serving of your MiHeSo Overnight Oats.

Wash the set after every use. Wipe it dry after washing. Do not use a hard scrub to wash the set and do not soak the bowl in soapy water for long time. Do not put very hot food in the bowl as it may develop cracks. Store in a cool and dry place.

PS: Because coconut bowls are products of nature, their durability and longevity are highly dependent on their usage and care.

Coconut bowls can be sensitive to extreme temperatures and we recommend to heat the food separately and then eat in the coconut bowl. However, piping hot food should be avoided in the coconut bowl.

No, we do not recommend placing your coconut bowl in dishwasher as the heat can damage the shell which will affect the longevity of the bowls.

Fading of coconut bowl after many uses is a natural process, but a quick fix is to rub some coconut oil on it to restore its natural colour and shine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Manish Sharma
Great Product

Super simple, tasty, nutritious and value for money.

Saloni Jain
Very nice taste

The mixed berry flavour is very good best quality product

Garima Khaitan

Too costly, not affordable

Shreya Shetty

The bowl and spoon are good but the image is a bit misleading. The bowl looks bigger in the image

I would give it 4 stars

Romee Simon Simon

Blow is good but it's not strong shell can break even with a small dash

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