How can seeds and probiotics help you achieve your fitness goals?

Chia, flax, pumpkin, basil, sunflower, sesame, etc, you must have heard these names, haven’t you?

We are familiar with it since this healthy, stay-fit wave took over! But what exactly are they? Why are we calling them Super seeds? How to eat them? Is this just a fitness food like protein powder? Do they contain nutrition important for every age group?

All these questions come to our mind when we hear someone saying,” I’ve just now started eating healthy!” And we sneakily ask ourselves, “Is it for me too?”

Come, let’s find out!

Why should seeds and Probiotics make their way to our kitchens? It’s time to catch up on this health trend and give them a place on our dining table because seeds have emerged as “nutrient-dense” healthy food rapidly adopted by fitness freaks, people who wish to stay fit, and children who require nutrition at a growing age.

Probiotics like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are good bacteria that make sure whatever you’re eating, your stomach can digest it with a good speed, enhancing the entire digestive system by acting as a powerful player in bowel movements residing in the human intestines.

What are the Health Benefits of Super seeds and Probiotics?

  • Super seeds are the powerhouse of nutrients and probiotic acts as digestive element breaking down all the nutritional value.
  • Super seeds have higher levels of vitamins and minerals compared to most food.
  • Super seeds are good for bone health, dental health, and reduction of blood sugar and are helpful for people who have inflammation.
  • Super seeds also have omega-6, fibers, proteins, magnesium, selenium, and copper.
  • Probiotics control the growth of bad bacteria
  • Probiotics help in breaking down food and medications and assist in absorption.

Can you include Super seeds and Probiotics in your daily food? Yes!

You can make several recipes using super seeds & probiotics (natural/supplement) for your breakfast! Or better grab a breakfast that comes with super seeds and probiotics.

Who should avoid eating Super seeds and Probiotics? Super seeds are a healthy choice anytime any day, but it is indeed heavy food and should be taken in smaller quantities or as per the advice of your nutritionist.

For Probiotics, you must consult your doctor:

  • If you have a weakened immune system or suffering from autoimmune diseases (E.g., Undergoing chemotherapy).
  • If going through a critical illness
  • If you’ve had surgery

Is it worth giving a try? Yes, Baby!

You should include these seeds and probiotics as a part of your diet. You can always count on these to help you achieve your health goals. As these are nutritionally dense and heavy, make sure to keep the consumption in check and under supervision. You can consume them at the start of your day or around your workout for maximum benefit.