5 Healthy Reasons To Eat Overnight Oats for Breakfast

Overnight oats are the new buzzword of the health town. Find out why.

Oats are popular breakfast meals. However, overnight soaked oats are catching the attention of a lot of health freaks nowadays. People have started preferring overnight oats or overcooked oatmeal. We'll discuss five healthy reasons to eat overnight oats in this blog. But let's first understand the meaning of overnight oats.

What are Overnight Oats?

Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing your whole grain fiber-packed breakfast ready on your table. Well, overnight oats are pretty much the same. They do not require cooking since they are soaked in water, milk, or yogurt throughout the night (say 7-8 hours) and served as a complete meal in the morning. The best thing about this nutrition-stuffed breakfast meal is that you can make it fun by adding ingredients of your choice. These ingredients could be fruits, dry fruits, seeds, and can add healthy sweeteners like honey, jaggery, etc. basically anything that would make your breakfast delicious.

So, what do we mean when we say overnight oats are healthy?

Health Benefits of Overnight Oats Power-packed with proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and iron — overnight oats are a highly recommended healthy breakfast option by nutritionists and dieticians. Below are some of the top health benefits of overnight oats:

  1. Improve digestion-  The slow and long processing of overnight oats helps starches break down and minimizes the natural phytic acid. This effect encourages your body to utilize the nutrients more efficiently. The soft and bulky nature of these oats reduces the chances of constipation.

  2. Help prevent heart diseases- Since heart diseases are prevalent worldwide, we must start taking good care of our hearts. Overnight oats are supposed to be beneficial for reducing cholesterol levels. Enriched with the soluble fiber - Beta-glucan, overnight oats help reduces cholesterol circulation levels in the blood.

  3. Help reduce weight-  Even though low on calories, it is a fulfilling breakfast meal. This keeps you from overeating and keeps you full and energetic for a longer time.

  4. Aid in reducing Type 2 diabetes-  Overnight oats are plant-based protein stuffed with anti-diabetic properties that helps in reducing Type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes messes with kidneys and their waste filtering process. Oats improve the functioning of kidneys by easing the process of excretion. Thus, it aids in minimizing Type 2 diabetes.

  5. Improve immunity-  We have all been through a terrifying pandemic phase that made us realize how important it is to keep our immune systems fit and healthy. Beta-glucan in oats boosts white blood activity in our body. White blood cells protect our bodies from viruses and diseases.

The benefits of the overnight oats could not be more emphasized. From making your morning cooking ritual much swifter —to providing all kinds of health benefits, Overnight oats must be your go-to healthy snack for breakfast.